About Me



Rozalind is a Nottingham-based fashion, editorial & portrait photographer.

At a young age she was struck by a powerful inspiration to become a photographer after visiting a Henri-Cartier Bresson exhibition. Shortly after that, she made room for her new-found vocation and she invested in a Nikon and has never looked back. She is mainly self taught but has also studied photography formally.

She has always been fascinated by people; Whether it be the science of the skin’s self-repair, studying subcultures or exploring where art becomes erotica, her curiosity has never faded.

Rozalind has also been published in both the UK press and internationally over 30 times, including online periodicals and printed publications, ‘look books’ for local designers, album art and still photography for film props. Her work has been exhibited on a number of occasions, often in collaborative with other local artists. She has received several awards for her work, including 1st runner up in the “We Support Solar” competition and Lara Jade’s self portrait Facebook competition.

“If you go with Mother Nature it doesn’t even have the possibility of going stale or being boring or stuffy. To create a character is great, reliable, stable and steady; to find a character and let them be who they are in front of your lens can surprise the daylights out of you, turn your ideas about-face and blow your mind.” – Rozalind Williams. Interview with Rebelicious Magazine, Issue 15.